• Segunda, Abril 25, 2022

UNBXD is Now 22 Months Carbon Positive!

As many of you are probably aware, sustainability and climate change have become an area many of our employees are passionate about. We are actively working to do what we can to reduce it.

While some employees have switched to EV’s and reduced Meat consumption/Gone Vegan, as a company, we have been looking at ways we can improve our organisational footprint. Before the pandemic, we would travel internationally multiple times a year for meetings with new clients; unless essential, we try and push for meetings via Zoom or wait for our paths to cross with personal trips. We are also very aware that not all the products we buy are made with environmental impact in mind. While we are mainly digital, we now look for companies that offer sustainable alternatives for note pads, pens and office equipment.

Over the last two years, we have also been working with various climate active companies, including Ecologi, giving back to the world we all take so much from. Since joining Ecologi, we have managed to:

☀️ 22 Months Climate Positive Workforce

☁️ 144.8T Of Carbon Reductions (Way over what we use)