• Thursday, May 6, 2021

Another week, another successful e-commerce website ready to launch!  

JRS training is an exciting new start-up created to offer builders remote and in-person learning opportunities across a variety of different courses; such as construction and health & Safety. 

This was an exciting project for our team, as it allowed us to focus on how we would develop a comprehensive learning platform for builders who are doing their courses remotely.

We are living in a time where remote working is becoming the new norm for many people. We used our own experiences to understand what we would need to do for JRS training, this began by building a responsive e-commerce store to sell courses. We then thought about creating a comprehensive e-learning portal that includes 32 courses, a payment system that has integrations with Stripe, Apple Pay, & PayPal, an interactive calendar, coverage map, and a CMS platform that is easily editable from the admin dashboard.